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Divorce impacts all members of the family, including (and perhaps especially) children. If you are a parent about to go through divorce, protecting your children and your relationship with them is likely your highest priority. A good family law attorney will understand this and will prioritize custody concerns accordingly.

When you contact The Law Office of Michelle Fleming Sigfridson, L.L.C., you and your children will benefit from Michelle Sigfridson’s experience, legal knowledge and commitment to client service. Her diverse family law practice offers clients a variety of methods for resolving custody disputes and reaching workable solutions while minimizing stress and conflict.

The Basics Of Child Custody In Connecticut

As in most states, judges in Connecticut are required to consider only the best interests of children when making custody rulings. Therefore, the most effective custody arguments you can make will focus on meeting those interests.

There are two types of custody to be awarded: physical and legal. Physical custody refers to which parent will be with the child and when. Legal custody is the authority to make important decisions on behalf of the child, including decisions about health care, religion and education.

In most cases, judges find that some form of shared custody is in the best interests of children. Time won’t necessarily be equally allocated, however. In certain cases, judges will award sole custody if there is a compelling reason to do so.

Understand Your Options For Reaching A Custody Agreement

Just like with divorce, litigating your child custody matter is likely to make things adversarial and gives you the least amount of control over the outcome. When possible, it is preferable to negotiate an agreement with your spouse or co-parent, often through mediation or the collaborative process. The negotiated agreement will still need to be approved by a judge, but judges will typically do so if the agreement is reasonable and in the child’s best interests.

Michelle is trained and experienced in these litigation alternatives and will serve as a strong advocate for you and your children throughout the process. If litigation is necessary or becomes necessary, she will help you present the strongest possible arguments for why your proposed plan would best meet the needs of your children.

Work With An Attorney Who Listens And Cares

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